Customer's Reviews

Kimberly Curry
Apr 7, 2020


Benjamin Plancarte
Mar 18, 2020


It's beautiful and perfect! thank you.

Mar 11, 2020



Thank you

Cynthia Maupin
Feb 20, 2020


Great alebrijas. My granddaughter loves this one.

Karen Adams
Jan 18, 2020


Noah Patrone-Werdiger
Jan 15, 2020


How wonderful! The painting and carving are top notch. The colors just glow. Lovely sellers. I’m a repeat customer.

Karen Adams
Jan 10, 2020



Love this bear! Very graphic and glad I bought it.

Karen Adams
Jan 7, 2020


Amazing work as always

Cameron Friedlander
Jan 1, 2020


Absolutely precious.
We got it from my mother who is from Mexico, and this wonderful craft is like a piece of home for her. Perfectly packed, incredible craftsmanship and artistry.

I cannot reccomend this shop enough!!

Ashley Meissner

Dec 29, 2019


Stunningly beautiful! Very glad I bought it. A great addition to my collection. Fast delivery too!

Karen Adams
Dec 28, 2019



We love all the items we have ordered from you. Thanks so much!

Shelley Johnson
Dec 18, 2019


Lovely cat carving. It is so very detailed. I love the way it looks. It arrived quickly and in excellent condition.

John Sepolen
Nov 20, 2019


Love it! So beautiful and colorful. Shipped super fast.

Christy Watkins
Nov 14, 2019


Amazing service!!! Got this for my mom and she was wowed!!!

Joe Havasy
Nov 4, 2019


Amazing craftsmanship - really love it!

Nomi Seltzer
Oct 31, 2019


Great gift for my fiancée who lost his husky. We keep our spirit animal next to our bed.

Thalia Farshchian
Oct 30, 2019



Beautiful! I'm really loving the quality of these art pieces!

Tzeitel Sorrosa
Oct 24, 2019


Gorgeous blouse and really nice textile!

Tzeitel Sorrosa
Oct 24, 2019


Exactly like the photo and even better in person! Loved it!

Tzeitel Sorrosa
Oct 24, 2019


Absolutely stunning folklore artwork!! Really happy with my purchase!! Thank you!!!

Tzeitel Sorrosa
Oct 23, 2019


Beautifully carved and painted otter! Thank you for a wonderful piece. Fast shipping too.
I’ll be a repeat customer for sure!
Abby Burk
Sep 23, 2019


Jenna Buehre
Sep 9, 2019


Great delivery time. Item was exactly as pictured and certificate of authenticity was included.

Jesus Gomez
Aug 13, 2019


Exquisite beadwork!! Beautifully packaged and promptly shipped. One of the best Huichol sellers out there.

Kim Buffam
Aug 9, 2019


Thomas Johnston
Aug 9, 2019


Gorgeous, lovely cat sculpture. It is so tasteful. The selection of the colors, the detailed design, and the craftsmanship are excellent. I so admire the look of this cat and how expressive the face is. (The cat is glaring in anger, but you can't really tell from the photo.) The cat arrived quickly and in excellent condition. Thank you so much for your first-rate service.

John Sepolen
Jul 29, 2019


Excellent,3 quills lost in shipping, quickly replaced with Elmer glue.
Thank you.

Dominique Michalik
Jun 18, 2019


This is ravishingly beautiful, so vibrant and alive and magical! Thanks so much!!

Aileen Weaver
Jun 10, 2019


A magical artwork, beautiful, colorful, lively - I love it! Thanks also for the careful packing and the quick delivery!

Aileen Weaver
May 31, 2019


Beautiful piece of art that was shipped instantly. Muchas gracias!

Alex Freniere
May 14, 2019


The bird is pretty and beautifully painted. Unfortunately, the end of one piece was broken off so I could not completely assemble it. It is very fragile and not so easy to handle with confidence. The packing was excellent, in spite of the damaged piece. As the bird comes from Mexico, ii is too much trouble for me to return it, so I won't do so.

Judith Manelis
Apr 11, 2019


Laurel Clark
Mar 27, 2019


Elliot Howell
Mar 9, 2019