Mexico: On Point!

The Art is an expression way for human beings. Painting, sculpture, poetry, dancing, theatre, architecture to the Film Industry or even food (!) are considered art. Now, fields like Photography or Graphic Design could be able considered as modern art.


Fashion is one of the people’s cultural expressions and manifestations, their ways of life and their values. It is fed by countless inspiration sources, so we can consider it as a way of art too.


Mexico is so rich in nature, life diversity, history and culture that it is not a surprise but an honor (for us at least) for our country to be an excellent source of inspiration for so many  recognized international fashion brands (not just Carolina Herrera) and theirs designers.


-------->  Take a look of these collections!


Tokuko Maeda // Spring Summer 2012



 Christian Louboutin // Viva Mexicaba! 2017



 Craig Green // Spring Summer 2020



Valentino // Cruise 2015 
Moschino // Spring Summer 2012  
Jean Paul Gaultier // Viva Mexique! 2016 



Carolina Herrera // Resort 2020

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