Mexican Culture

Mexico is well known for it’s food (also the spicy one), mariachi and oh my God the Mexican beaches...

But I wanna go far away from that. First of all, what is “culture”?

Doing my research (just for being professional) I might say is a whole bunch of ideas, behaviors, symbols and social practices learned from generation to generation.

Starting from this concrete and simple definition, let’s take a look from each point so you get to know Mexico a little bit more:


…A whole bunch of ideas, behaviors

It might be some exceptions but in every little corner of our country you’ll find people who’s behavior is loving (aka “apapachador”) and warm, may be that’s why is easy to become a friend of us.

Mexican Culture -

We like to laugh but most of all making laugh to other people. We’re really familiar human beings, we like making feel our friends as a part of our family so they can feel home.


… symbols

Our flag and it’s colors: green as hope, white as unity and red as the blood of our history heroes.

Our shield: an eagle sitting on a cactus (!) eating a snake (!). This has a really good story, but that’s for another post.

Mariachi: a bunch of guys all uniformed playing and singing the most representative music of our country making us company on our parties. They’re even known as something romantic “serenata” (yeah, that’s another post idea, but you can still google it).


… and social practices learned from generation to generation.

Day of death / Día de Muertos (yep, everyone knows it, but still)

Independence Day / Dia de la Independencia (no, is not may 5th, this is the important one)

Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe / Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe (this one is religious, but la virgen de Guadalupe is the most religious symbol in our country, we call it “madre”, “virgen morena” or “morenita”).


Mexican Culture -

Every country has their own culture represented by it’s music, dance, the way they dress, the art even religion, what’s yours? :) 

Magia Mexica Team

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