Independence Day

Every September 16th Mexico commemorates the anniversary of the beginning of the fight for our independence, our freedom as a nation.

Magia Mexica is a 100% MEXICAN Team, from the artisan to the one who’s writing this blog is mexicano.


Nope, for us May 5th (Cinco de Mayo) isn’t THE CELEBRATION, even though is an important part of our history, September is most known as “El mes patrio” (The patriotic month), and during a very special date we make it as our Fiesta Nacional (national party) with our family and friends.



Here are 5 fun facts about this celebration:

1. Though the official date is September 16th , the “party” begins on the night of September 15th , that’s why we call it “Noche Mexicana” (Mexican Night).


 2. “El grito”, “El grito de Dolores” o “la noche del grito” are some ways to refer us to the celebration of this holiday.

3. The official date of the beginning of Mexico’s Independence Day is September 16th of 1810 and ended up on September 27th of 1821.


4. Miguel Hidalgo and Jose Ma. Morelos are two of the most important heroes of Mexico’s Independence history. You can also find them on the mexican currency.











 5. The monument that represents the most this part of the Mexican history are “El Monumento a la Independencia” (Monument to the Independence) aka “El Angel de la Independencia” (The Angel of the Independence) or simply as “El Angel” (The Angel).

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