1, 2, 3 - D a n c e !

If there’s something that represents Mexico the most besides its food, music, beaches, the people, history…

Well, besides EVERYTHING before mentioned, there’s its




Guadalajara, Veracruz and also Oaxaca have traditional dances and even though Hollywood, theme parks and even Coco (the movie) had commercialized with it, there are more dances in addition to “El Jarabe Tapatio” (yes, that one everyone knows worldwide).


Here’s a list of the most representative traditional dances in our country:


►  J a r a b e   T a p a t i o 

    Comes from Jalisco and represents a courtship between a man and a woman. He’ll try to convince her and she’ll be acting the "hard to get" role.



    ►  H u a p a n g o

    Comes from La Huasteca that includes the states of Hidalgo, Tamaulipas, Veracruz and San Luis Potosí

    The dancers are placed in rows, men and women facing each other. To invite the lady to dance, the man stands next to her, with all gallantry and chivalry and the she accepts. The gentleman who during this act has had the hat in his hand, covers his head and the dance begins.


    ►  L a   B a m b a

    It is one of the most liked dances of Veracruz and is performed by a couple “in love” that, with a band or red sash on the floor make a "loop" with just the movement of their feet.


    ►  F l o r   d e   P i ñ a

    Comes from Oaxaca and it is performed O N L Y  by women, who wear a huipil or shirt without sleeves of striking colors, and two long braids with strips of colors. In addition, they carry a pineapple on their shoulders.

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